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Things to Ask Interior Painting Contractors

Some think that painting is a fairly easy job and they’re probably right. But that shouldn’t keep you from hiring real professionals because the easier the task seems, the more unqualified people are willing to do it for a price. Surely, you don’t want to hire amateurs if you want a professional output.

To be sure that you’re hiring the best painting contractors, you have to qualify each service provider thoroughly. You can do that by simply asking the right questions. Some of the questions that you may ask are the following:

1. How long have you been operating?

As a rule of thumb, go for the company that has been operating in the same place of business for at least five years. That’s your assurance that they’re not a fly-by-night contractor whom you won’t be able to contact before or after the job is done.

2. Do you have subcontractors?

Some painting companies call on their subcontractors if they are getting a lot of projects. However, some subcontractors don’t do a good job simply because they’re not the one in direct contact with the client. Stay clear of businesses that can’t assure you of the best possible service.

3. Do you have insurance and offer a warranty?

Reputable companies do have insurances. If they’re really confident about their work, they’ll also give you a full warranty. Both these things protect your interests so be sure that the painting company that you’re hiring has them.

4. What do other people think of you?

This question may be asked directly to the service provider or you may simply check out the reviews that their past clients have left them. You may also research if they have received any kind of award or recognition for the services that they provide. Look for companies that are well-admired or recommended by local organizations.

5. Can I have some references?

References are a good starting point in doing background checks and research. The service provider should be more than willing to set you out on the right path by connecting you with people who can vouch for them and whom you can discuss the project with.

6. Do you have a portfolio?

It’s great to see how good the painting contractors work. The best ones usually have their work documented for new customers to see. Scan through their portfolio to find out if their workmanship is among the best in the league.

7. How much do you charge?

Sometimes, everything boils down to the actual cost of painting. The best ones may charge a bit higher, but they can explain that because they use the best brand and type of paint. Or they provide a fast yet efficient service because they have more than two people sent to the location to handle the project.

There are many other ways to qualify painting contractors but if you want to cut the work, you may start by consulting with Palm Bay Paint Company. This company offers one of the best painting services in the area. Their many years of experience on the job serve as proof that they’re really good at what they do.