How To Make Hard Jun Kombucha. Brewers make hard kombucha with the same ingredients as regular kombucha, but a slightly different process. Place in a quiet room (the top of a bureau in a guest bedroom or the top of a file cabinet in a home office is perfect).

Wild Tonic's Hard Jun Kombucha Taps into the Heart of UNLV
Wild Tonic's Hard Jun Kombucha Taps into the Heart of UNLV from

Stir in the starter and stir to mix. To promote the production of alcohol, it is necessary to stimulate yeast production by: Add cool water to fill your jar to about 3/4 full (or maybe slightly more).

Add Cool Water To Fill Your Jar To About 3/4 Full (Or Maybe Slightly More).

Now that i can easily make my kombucha extremely fizzy, i wish i knew all the setup better. Ingredients for the first fermentation. Water, tea, sugar, and a scoby (which stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”).

Traditional Kombuchas Are Made With Black Tea In Boiling Water And Refined Cane Sugar For Sweetness.

At juneshine, we do things a little differently. Try to make sure you buy raw honey, locally if possible. The first fermentation is where you actually make the kombucha that you’ll be drinking!

To Make Hard Kombucha, You Need To Start With A Batch Of, You Guessed It, Freshly Brewed Kombucha.

This will lead to a kombucha explosion! Have your jun scoby and about 2 cups of starter liquid ready. Cover the container with a cloth, coffee filter, or butter muslin secured with a rubber band or canning ring.

The Process Of Making Hard Kombucha Is A Little Different From Making Traditional Kombucha In That We’re Adding An Extra Step In The Middle.

You need to boil some water, let your measure be about half a gallon. Lastly to this mixture, you can sprinkle in the yeast. Look at our local hop kombucha recipe!

How Make An Alcoholic Kombucha.

We think green tea and organic honey make for a better product than the traditional black tea and sugar mixture. When the kombucha no longer tastes sweet and tastes alcoholic, mix with flavoring if desired. Make it boozy by adding yeast and sugar, then let alcohol develop (7 to 14 days)


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